Namma consulting 

Overall operational sustainability 

Namma consulting accompagne les entreprises et les organisations 
in all sectors and of all sizes 
in the implementation of a sustainable development approach 
integrating environmental, social and governance aspects.

 The aim is to ensure the long-term viability of companies by concretely reducing their impact on the ecosystem, in a process that involves both internal and external stakeholders.

Why work on your EHS/CSR approach?

Integrating social and environmental considerations into corporate governance, in addition to economic ones, has the potential to improve the overall functioning of the company, making it more efficient, more resilient and more agile, by challenging the existing situation through a broader multifactorial analysis and management of risks and opportunities.

Your objectives 

  • Move from concept to reality by taking an active role in the socio-economic issues facing your company
  • Improve your overall performance and your company's sustainability
  • Consolidate a positive image with your partners, customers and shareholders


  • Improve employee recruitment and retention
  • Control and prevent risks
  • Stimulate innovation, sharing and value creation 
  • Develop a competitive edge
  • Inject new energy into your corporate culture

Our services to meet your needs:

Define your EHS - CSR strategies

Putting your strategy into action

Strengthening your teams - Providing expertise

Developing your company's EHS - CSR culture

Our areas of expertise

  • Environment including climate change
  • Safety
  • CSR

Our types of intervention 

Audit / diagnosis, consulting, technical assistance, transition management, project management, conferences, workshops, events, training...

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